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Household appliances technician for more than 30 years, our company imports from France and distributes all across Canada the products under the brand names of Henkel, Le Chat and MIR (formerly known as PERSIL). For over 130 years, these brands combine quality and respect for people and the environment. They offer products that combine high performance and ecological compatibility, manufactured under good working conditions with minimal water usage and energy for household use respectful of natural resources. This is our global commitment, today and tomorrow.

Why should you use an European product instead of any other popular brands?

Because you are dissatisfied with the results of your washer, the white is not white enough, black seems to lose its original luster, but even worse, your washing machine or your laundry smells bad! Before spending your money on treatments of all kinds, try and rely on European products. You will be surprised with the results!

Your washing machine smells bad? Before calling a technician, try WK Ultra Descaler.

Unlike anti-lime added during the washing, WK Ultra Descaler attacks the limestone already deposited in the machine and removes deep residue (soap, fabric fibers, etc.). See for yourself what HE detergents does to your washer. It cleans the entire washing system and prolongs the effectiveness of your machine. With Wk Ultra, say goodbye to bad smells !

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Laundry Softener Dishwasher Dishes

  Électroménagers sans frontières / Importer & distributor / Henkel, Le Chat & MIR

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